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Our family was getting bigger, so we made some house renovations and expansion. We needed to have a new garage door that would fit into the space that was meant for it. We knew that this available space may not have the standard measurements for a regular garage door. We contacted this Garage Door Repair Company to solicit their advice and plan the project beforehand. Their technician was a true professional who knew exactly what to do and how much it would cost us. Aside from his knowledge and skill, he was a gracious host who made us feel at home in their office. We felt that we were talking to a long-time friend whom we could trust with our safety and protection

Robert Jeter

My son’s family went out of town for a reunion with his in-laws, so I stayed in their home for a few days. I went driving on my first day and enjoyed it. However, the garage door did not open when I came back. I was worried, but I did not want to call my son and cause him undue stress. I called my nephew and he found the address and number of this Garage Door Repair Company in the Internet. I contacted them and they were prompt in responding to my request. The technicians were very skillful and knowledgeable about their job and their price was reasonable. They also knew how to treat an old lady like me. They treated me like a queen!

Erica Cha

I am a Security Guard in a huge Commercial building. I noticed that the building’s garage door was not functioning properly. So I notified my boss, who in turn notified the owner of the building.  He just dismissed the whole thing as a slight malfunction and conveniently forgot about it. But after a week, the slight malfunction became a source of complaints from building residents, so I had to call my boss’ attention to the problem again. This time, the owner asked for a trustworthy Garage Door Repair Company. I gave him the address and number of this company. He contacted them and they repaired the garage door in no time and at a reasonable price. Until now, the owner is grateful to me.

Dawn Thomas

My husband and I were saving money in order to replace our old garage door with a new one- a garage door that we could be proud of. We expected a modern garage door to be quite expensive, so we waited until we thought we had saved enough. When we went to the office of the Garage Door Repair Company, the Technician was very polite. He impressed us with his knowledge about the modern garage door and his exact estimate of its cost. We were shocked that our new modern garage door would only cost us almost half of our budget. We were very happy that we could treat our children to a brief holiday in our favorite resort.

Thomas Davis

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