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Garage Door Rollers

Garage Door Rollers Service By Goliath Garage Door Repair In Galveston TX

In Need of Garage Door Rollers Repairs?

Most people are passive when it comes to attending to the technical needs of their garage doors. This is a huge mistake because not only do you risk incurring big expenditures; you also risk putting yourself and your family in danger. The danger is in the form of property crime. The property crimes here in Texas are prevalent, and there are over 200 property crimes committed on a daily basis. These include trespassing and robbery. We are presenting this information because most of the criminals find their way inside your homes by disassembling the panels of an outdated garage door.

Garage Door Repair Galveston is dedicated to providing the best garage door services here in Galveston, Texas and in other nearby cities. Goliath offers the best garage door services from simple repairs to difficult installations. We started providing simple repairs for garage rollers and panels. With years of experience, we were able to improve the services we provide. We possess the machinery and resources needed to provide great garage door services.

Garage door rollers are essential to the security and function of your garage door. These parts are what guide the garage door opener along the steel tracks to support or counterbalance the weight of the garage door. So if you’re having trouble with your garage door rollers, give us a call, and we will resolve that problem of yours in no time.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

When it comes to garage door rollers, there are three kinds–the steel, the nylon, and the plastic. The key feature of these rollers is the ball bearings inside the metallic rod, which is attached to the middle of the wheel. The ball bearings inside allow the rollers to carry more weight, meaning a stronger support for the garage door spring and garage door opener. It would seem that steel rollers with ball bearings are the best. But that is not true. Based on our experience and opinion, nylon rollers are the best ones. This type of rollers is lightweight but is able to carry heavy weights, making them perfect for sectional garage doors and over the head garage doors.  The ball bearing inside also allows it to carry more weight, which is a win-win situation for you and your garage door. In general, garage rollers can last from one to two years before being replaced. However, that is only possible if the necessary repairs and maintenance jobs are applied.

This is where Goliath enters the picture. We are capable of working with all three rollers and we can easily determine the source of the problem. Unattended garage doors deteriorate faster, meaning rust is covering the entire structure. The rust starts from the rollers, then to the metal tracks, and finally the chain drive. With everything covered in rust, your entire garage door will fall apart. So take the first step in taking good care of your garage door and commission our services today.

Roller Garage Doors Repair Services

Repairs for garage rollers are essential because it can either provide durability or deterioration to the entire structure of the garage door. Goliath provides repairs, replacements, installation, and maintenance services for garage rollers. Roller garage doors should be lubricated at least once a month to make sure that the steel track do not get rusty. Rusty rollers are what make those squeaky annoying sounds every time you open your garage door. Rollers act like the wheel that guides the chain drive in opening the garage door. What if those rollers got stuck within the steel or metal tracks? That will subject the garage door to replacement services not only for the rollers, but for the tracks as well.

Our services also include roller alignment and track alignment. As long as the roller is moving smoothly along the tracks, then you have no problem no matter how many times you open or close your garage door. Worn-out garage rollers are bad news for you and your garage door. So do something about it and give us a call today. Repairs and replacements of rollers should be handled and done by professionals wearing the safety gear needed. We encourage our customers to stick to minor repairs like panel alignment and chain drive lubrication but not with the rollers. In order to conduct repairs for garage rollers, the entire garage door needs to be taken down by disassembling the panels and removing the rollers from the track. Leave it to the professionals.

Avail of Goliath’s Roller Garage Doors Services Today

If you are looking for the best garage door services, then the answer is Goliath. Roller garage doors require technical and precise knowledge that is only possible with people who have mastery over the entire garage door structure and all of its parts. All of our professionals have the knowledge and skills to conduct complicated services to maintain the durability and function of your garage door. We have the resources, manpower, and machinery to conduct all necessary garage door services. We are certain that our services are unmatched here in the city of Galveston.

For everyone interested in availing of our services, our phone lines are open 24/7 for customer requests. Our quick response team is always ready to help our customers who experience technical difficulties, no matter what time of the day it is. We are open during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even during Superbowl Sunday. We promise top-quality services for all of our regular and future customers.

Remember that we also provide installation services. We will make sure to determine if the technical issue of your garage door can be remedied with repairs and replacements. We are honest with our work, and we don’t do this for personal gain. This is our social responsibility to the people of Galveston. We are in the middle of expanding our services by opening up Goliath Garage Door Repair franchises in other cities or states. We promise that you will never go wrong when you decide to commission our services.

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