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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Service By Goliath Garage Door Repair In Galveston TX

About Garage Door Springs

A problem may not occur in your garage door for some time.  You had it replaced a few years ago and it has never been a problem. However, you have recently been starting to notice problems with increased noise.  Then suddenly one morning the door jams or simply falls down after opening.  It is at this point that you must call in specialists to repair the garage door. Luckily, in Galveston TX, there is Garage Doors Galveston.  We offer a 24/7 service. A skilled technician will arrive the same day, fully equipped with parts, tools and equipment.  They will quickly repair your garage door, and every thing will be left clean and tidy.  You will be billed for the work that has been undertaken.  There are no extra charges. Original Equipment  Manufacture (OEM) components will be used. There will be no cutting of corners with substandard and cheaper equivalents.

The modern garage door is something that can easily be taken for granted.  It has a number of interrelated technologies that are designed to work together.  A problem with these could lead to the garage door not working.

Let’s look first at a very important component, the springs. There are two main types of springs used in a garage door.  These are the torsion spring and the extension spring.  They have an important job in holding up the garage door in a position when it is raised. These are critical components  in a garage door.

When to Replace Garage Door Springs

If a spring or a series of springs snaps, this may lead to the garage door dropping or even falling. For any vehicle underneath, this could cause a lot of damage. Alternatively, this might result in a series injury to any one underneath, even a house hold pet.

When this could happen can be calculated. Garage door springs have a fixed life time. This is down to a physical property known as work hardening. All metals, when they are subjected to a force, become harder. They will become progressively more brittle.  Garage door springs will get stiffer and in time break.

With a garage door spring, a cycle refers to every time the garage door is opened. Garage door springs last for 10,000 cycles. Therefore, when the garage door springs snap will depend on how often the garage door is used.  A garage door used by a commercial company or a family who owns a number of vehicles could be opened up to 8 times a day. This will result in the garage door springs snapping in only 3 years.  A low usage garage door, which is opened only twice a day, will have to wait 14 years before the garage door springs are replaced.

Especially if you run a busy company or office, it would make a lot of sense to get in contact with a professional garage door spring repair company  in Galveston TX.  You can then set up a routine schedule of inspection and maintenance.

Garage Door Spring and Cable Repair

Another related component is the cable wire.  This takes the entire weight of the garage door.  If this starts to snap, then the garage door will cease to function altogether. With either a garage door spring repair or cable wire repair, it is not advised for you to undertake any of this work. A garage door spring is under very high tension.  Removing it can cause serious injury. The same might apply to the cable wire. It is better to get in contact with  Goliath Garage Door Repair.  We have the skill and expertise to undertake this work. To start with, the garage door needs to be secured using clamps. The right tools are needed to remove the springs.

The other major system that will need maintenance and related repair work  are the rollers and related hinges, plus the tracking.  The rollers help move the garage door panels.  They are usually made from steel, nylon, or polyurethane. These are subjected to wear and damage. It is best as well to treat the hinges and rollers as one unit.  The hinges help lock the rollers into the tracking. They may also need tightening up from time to time. Tracking can get full of debris and get dented. Unlike springs and cables, it is a lot easier to visually inspect the roller system.  If you see any problems developing or notice that strange noises are starting to develop, then get in contact with a reliable garage door repair company.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Apart from mechanical systems, both electrical and electronic systems, along with the panel door, are also very important. It might be frustrating trying to get your garage door opened using the “opener” system. This may simply be because the photo eye is out of alignment. With this system, circuit boards, drive trains, and belts could need replacement and repair.  The remote may need reprogramming. Circuit boards might have to be replaced. Again, a professional technician from a well run garage door repair company in Galveston TX, can quickly repair or replace any faulty components. 

An important structure item that could be over looked is the weather seals.  These are made either of nylon or polypropylene.   These, too, can get worn or damaged.  This might not lead to an immediate problem with your garage door.  However, rain water will start to come in.   This might result in rusting and electrical problems. Dust, dirt, and debris can be blown in from outside.  These could find their way into the opener mechanisms or block up the tracking for the rollers.

Bent and broken panels also need attention.  These may be made of steel, aluminum. plastic, or wood, but they will all get damaged in time. Cars might reverse into them. Basketballs and baseballs will be bounced off them. If these panels are not replaced and repaired, then the whole garage door system could be set out of balance.  This is something that should not be ignored

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