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Do you ever put much thought into your garage door when you are not operating it? If you don’t, you’re not the only one. Many people do not think about their appliances unless they need to exit or enter their garage. That means that a wide majority of individuals do not realize how intricate the opening system behind their garage door is. Your garage door isn’t just a metal, wood, vinyl, or fiberglass slab. It has a lot of moving parts that help it operate. Among these parts are the cables, rollers, and garage door springs. The garage door springs are especially important. Thus, it is important to pay attention to this component of your appliance and get repairs and replacements as necessary. But how do know whether you need garage door spring replacement? That’s a question we can answer in our blog. Keep reading to learn more! 

Why Is Garage Door Spring Replacement Important? 

You might think garage door spring replacement and repair are not necessary or important. If you’re like most garage door owners, you likely haven’t even given your springs a single thought. But ignoring this part of your door is a mistake for two reasons. First, neglecting this component can result in safety hazards. If one of your springs broke while the door was in use or while someone was standing near it, it could cause serious injury. Second, worn or broken garage door springs impact the usability of your garage door. If you want to be able to get in and out of your garage, you have to take care of the springs! 

How To Know When It’s Time For Garage Door Spring Replacement 

Okay, so you know why garage door spring replacement is important. (At least, we hope you do!) You need to know how to tell if your springs need replacement. Here are four signs that this part of your garage door is failing: 

Garage door springs owned by a homeowner who needs garage door spring replacement

1. Your Garage Door Keeps Reversing When You Try To Operate It

Has your garage door started partially closing, only to reverse when it reaches a certain point? You may have thought the problem was your opener or safety system. Well, likely, neither of these things is the issue. The problem is likely a snapped or strained garage door spring. Your garage door won’t close because it senses a problem with this component. 

2. Your Garage Door Has Become Extra Noisy 

Generally, a garage door making noise is not a problem. Every appliance makes at least a little bit of a raucous when raising and lowering. But if your garage door is now making a lot of new, strange noises, you should be concerned. Screeching, shuttering, grinding, banging, and shrieking noises are all signs that you need garage door spring replacement. 

3. Your Garage Door Looks Unbalanced 

Is your garage door looking a little crooked? If your appliance is leaning to one side, that usually means that one of your springs has snapped. You see, springs help balance the weight of your door as it raises and lowers. Thus, when one is out of commission, it causes everything to become unbalanced. 

4. Your Garage Door Is Moving Too Slow Or Fast 

Your garage door may still function with a snapped or failing garage door spring. However, it won’t work to its full potential. It may take forever to move up and down. Or it might slam down too fast. If there are significant changes in how your door is moving, it is worth checking the springs. 

We Can Help With Garage Door Spring Replacement! 

After reading this blog, do you feel as if you need garage door spring replacement? Sometimes, part replacement is inevitable. Nothing lasts forever, especially not hardware that goes through heavy use every day. If you need assistance with repair, maintenance, or installation, reach out to our team at Garage Door Repair Pros today

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