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Garage walls can be used for anything from additional storage space to a place to add decorations to beautify the inside of your garage. In order to do either of those things, your garage walls need to be in good shape. That is why today you will learn how to finish garage walls.

Why Finish Garage Walls?

Usually, garage walls remain unfinished due to budget constraints. However, more benefits than drawbacks make finishing your garage walls a worthwhile investment. With finished garage walls, you can reduce the level of noise coming from your garage, allow more room for insulation and storage, increase fire safety, and increase the value of your home property. These are just a few perks of having finished garage walls that make knowing how to finish garage walls worthwhile.

How To Finish Garage Walls In 5 Steps

Now that you know why it’s worth finishing garage walls, it’s time to learn how to finish garage walls. This process consists of the following five steps:

1. Explore Your Options And Pick

The first step in knowing how to finish garage walls is to know what material you want to use to finish your garage walls. Drywall is the most common finish used for garage walls, but there are also alternative options worth considering. Some drywall alternatives worth considering include but are not limited to: wood sheathing, metal panels, fiberglass reinforced panels, cement board, storage boards, shiplap, and Slatwall. These are viable options that you can look into depending on what you want out of your garage wall finish. However, ensure that the material you choose complies with local fire codes.

how to finish garage walls

2. Measure Your Garage

After exploring your options and picking one that suits your needs and complies with local fire codes, measure your garage walls so you purchase the correct amount of materials. Make sure to get the top, side, and bottom measurements for your garage walls. If you plan to use drywall for your garage wall finish, you should be able to find drywall that matches the corresponding measurements easily.

3. Create A Budget

Once you’ve taken the necessary measurements, you’ll need to create a budget to have the finish sent over and installed. You’ll need to consider whether or not you’ll need to hire a professional to install the finish in addition to the costs of purchasing the finish. Don’t forget to budget for any tools you might need that you don’t already own. Once you take all those factors into account, you can begin to either set aside the necessary funds or start saving.

4. Insulate Your Garage

Though not necessarily required, most experts recommend insulating your garage walls before applying any finish. Insulated garage walls reduce noise, maintain temperature control, and if you have pipes running through your garage, prevent frozen pipes. If you plan to go through with this part of how to finish garage walls, hire a professional to install the insulation.

5. Install The Finish

Now it’s time to install the finish. The installation process might vary depending on the type of finish you choose. If you choose to insulate the walls first, then your finish will cover the insulation. Ensure the finish is securely installed and that your garage is clear during this process. Don’t forget to clean up your garage after installing the finish.

Garage Door Repair Pro’s Galveston Will Help Finish Your Garage!

Now that you know how to finish garage walls, you will know exactly what to expect during installation, whether you make it a DIY project or hire a professional. For best results, we strongly recommend hiring a professional. If you live in Galveston, you don’t need to look far for professional help with your garage. Contact us today and get the best garage service in Galveston, Texas!

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