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Insulation brings many benefits to your garage door that make investing in it worthwhile. It can regulate the temperature of your garage and home and allow you to save energy and money. That said, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the various garage door insulation materials available. If only you already had a way to know which garage door insulation materials are best for your garage door, specifically. Fortunately, you can read this blog to learn about the best garage door insulation materials for metal and wood garage doors.

The Best Garage Door Insulation Materials: Wood & Metal Garage Doors

Wood and metal materials, like steel and aluminum, are two of the most widely used garage door materials that don’t already have insulation pre-installed. Keep reading to learn which materials work best with these two popular types of garage doors.

Wood Garage Door Insulation

Wood garage doors are highly versatile, as they can complement many different styles, both traditional and contemporary. In terms of determining the best insulation for this kind of garage door, lightweight insulation material will make the most sense, given how heavy wood doors can be. For this reason, experts recommend insulating a wood garage door with rigid foam

There are two types of rigid foam insulation: polystyrene and polyurethane. If you’re looking to save money, go with polystyrene; otherwise, take advantage of the high R-value of polyurethane. Speaking of saving money, there are plenty of garage door insulation kits on the market that use this type of insulation. If you want to make your insulation installation more cost-effective, take advantage of these kits.

best garage door insulation materials wood rigid foam

Metal Garage Door Insulation

Steel and aluminum garage doors aren’t exclusive to commercial properties. In fact, many homeowners find creative ways to make their steel or aluminum garage door look fantastic to maintain curb appeal. Because of how heat can interact with metal, it’s essential to insulate this kind of garage door so you can keep your home cool, especially if you live in a hot climate. 

As for what the best garage door insulation materials are for these doors, most of them actually work. That said, the best insulation for metal garage doors overall is fiberglass batting. This material is not only easy to install, but it’s also inexpensive. If you choose to install this insulation yourself, be sure you have gloves and safety glasses so the fiberglass doesn’t irritate your skin or eyes.

best garage door insulation materials metal fiberglass

What About Single-Panel Garage Doors?

You now know that fiberglass is the best match for metal, and foam is ideal for wood. However,  it’s important to note that these materials make sense to use for multi-panel garage doors. What about single-panel or flat garage doors? For this specific type of garage door, experts recommend using reflective barrier insulation if rigid foam boards aren’t an option. This type of insulation comes in the form of a foil that’s used to reflect back sunlight, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who deal with hot summers.

Our Team Only Uses The Best Garage Door Insulation Materials!

We hope this guide to the best garage door insulation materials for metal and wood garage doors has been thoroughly enlightening. Additionally, we hope our tip about flat or single-panel doors ends up being helpful. Despite not having insulation built into them, it’s worth investing time and money into having your metal or wood garage door insulated. 

If you live in Galveston, you understand the importance of ensuring your garage door stays cool during the summer months. You can install the insulation yourself, or better yet, you can reach out to the best garage door service in Galveston for assistance. Contact us today at Garage Door Repair Pro’s Galveston to access the best insulation materials for your garage door.

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